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5 Tips to Run an Awesome Holiday Dental Practice Giveaway

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to attract and retain dental patients with gift-giving fun! These proven tips will get you more visibility and engagement for your dental practice giveaway!

There aren’t many things people love more than a chance to win a prize! So if you’re looking to grow your dental practice’s social media presence and be seen by more potential patients, a simple holiday giveaway can be a great dental marketing tool.

Check out these tried-and-tested guidelines for running an effective holiday giveaway in your dental office! They’re guaranteed to increase your social media reach and visibility and help you build relationships with the people who will grow your practice. (A giveaway is a great icebreaker, especially with young patients!)

As mentioned in the video, at the end of the post you’ll find a download link for the free Holiday Dental Giveaway Kit, which includes printable signs you can use in your giveaway announcement photo. Make sure to grab it before you go!

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5 Tips for a Great Holiday Social Media Giveaways

1. Give away small prizes that allow you to do giveaways more frequently. My Social Practice has helped thousands of dental practices run effective giveaways, and we’ve found that our clients get nearly the same patient and fan interaction with a $10 prize as with a $50 prize.

To patients, it’s not so much about the value of the prize as it is about the chance to connect with you and win something for free. Plus, when you run frequent giveaways, you give patients and fans a reason to come back to your page regularly, helping you maintain top-of-mind-awareness and build crucial relationships.

The prize you give away doesn’t have to be related to dental care. Is there a unique restaurant or bakery that your patients love? Give away a $10 gift card and let someone enjoy a lunch on you. Are your patients excited for a new movie coming out? Try giving away a couple of tickets!

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2. In your giveaway announcement post, clearly state what the prize is, how to enter, and how long the giveaway will last.
Make sure all relevant promotion details are stated in every social media post or piece of printed material about it. A giveaway that lasts about a week has a sense of urgency that encourages patients to enter the moment they see the announcement.

We also recommend boosting the post to help it reach more of your audience.

3. Make it easy to enter, and encourage social media engagement. Even if a giveaway prize is extremely attractive, many people will skip the chance to win if entering is too troublesome.

If you’re doing the giveaway featured in our Holiday Dental Giveaway Kit (download link at the end of this post), here’s what we recommend you include in your announcement post:

Follow these three simple steps to enter to win!

  1. Like our Facebook page and this post.

  2. Comment on this post with your favorite holiday movie.

  3. Mention a friend in your comment for an additional entry!

This is a great way to get your post seen by the your patients’ and fans’ friends and family—the people most likely to become your new patients.

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4. Follow the social media platform’s rules. Facebook has rules about what you can and cannot do to promote a giveaway. Specifically, you cannot make sharing a post or tagging friends a mandatory part of entering to win.

It is also good practice to disassociate your giveaway from the social media platform. You can do this by simply including a statement like this in the announcement post:

“This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook/Instagram.”

5. Mention your giveaway in person to everyone who visits your practice. Successful social media efforts start in your practice, with face-to-face conversations. Ask everyone who walks in “Have you seen our giveaway on social media? You can enter right from your phone!”

If possible, display the prize on a table where everyone can see it, with a card or poster nearby telling visitors how they can enter to win.

This means that your whole team will have to be involved, so devote some meeting time to explaining the giveaway and getting everyone on board.

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Oak Ridge Dental Arts Rockwell had an Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest!

Try Your Own Holiday Giveaway—This Kit Makes it Easy

Now that you’ve got the basics of dental social media giveaways, don’t hesitate to give it a try! If you’re starting with just a few fans on your practice’s Facebook and Instagram pages, this is an excellent way to kickstart your social media growth. Download the free kit and create your own holiday giveaway in minutes!


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