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Social media for dental practices saved the day in 2020. Information, updates, and recommendations regarding how to handle the spread of Coronavirus seemed to change by the minute in 2020. Dental practices across the globe had to update health and safety protocols and even close their practices altogether.

Your dental patients were forced to cancel their appointments and rescheduling became difficult as the future was quite unclear. The constant changes and developments were difficult for everyone to navigate. That’s where dental practice marketing stepped in.

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Digital marketing for dentists has been on the rise for years but in 2020, digital marketing became the only way to reach patients.

If we didn’t understand how crucially important social media marketing and dental marketing strategies were before the 2020 shut down, we certainly know now. 

Social media was the first place dental patients went to find information about what was going on with their appointments. Social media marketing for dentists helped leverage the power of social media to inform and update patients attracted new patients, and built strong relationships with current patients. By having an active voice online, dental practices provided value and comfort to patients and people in their community.

Shutdowns and the rapid rate of shifting information sent more people to social media than ever. Your dental social media pages are the first place patients will go to find information about your practice. Social media allows you to keep in contact with your patients and followers, keep them updated, and ensure that your number one priority is the health of your team and patients.

When your practice is closed for regular appointments, your social media pages are always open to answer questions and stay connected with your patients.

We learned that the worst thing your dental practice can do is be silent on social media. When your concerned patients and community are looking for support online, your dental practice should show up.

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Dental practices have a powerful voice in their communities as healthcare workers. Many people will look at your practice’s social media pages for guidance.

Posting to social media allows you to establish yourself as a dependable practice and gives you the chance to build trust and create relationships with your audience. We found that being present online was the best way to provide reassurance and stay in touch with dental patients through this such an unpredictable time. (Check out more dental practice resources during COVID-19 here.)

Here are 9 ways dentists stayed connected to their dental patients online during 2020:

1. Dentists recorded a short video for Facebook and Instagram with a few tips on at-home preventive dental care or answering questions like “What is a dental emergency?” “What to do in case of a dental emergency?” Dental practices gave instructions on exactly how to contact them if a patient has an emergency. Patients are extra concerned about safety now, especially if your practice was closed.

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2. Created a post that demonstrated the extra measures their practice took to protect their patients. These videos demonstrated healthcare expertise, and that the dentist was taking the situation seriously. Videos like this assure dental patients that their safety is the number one priority.

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3. Posted a photo or video deep-cleaning the practice. Build trust with your followers by showing them the measures your team is taking to keep your practice exceptionally clean. Explain what kind of bacteria-killing products your practice uses to ensure a safe and sanitary experience for every patient.

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4. Shared a post that gives tips on avoiding touching the mouth, eyes, and nose and instructions on how to wash hands correctly. Tell your patients that you care about them and you want them to stay educated on how to be healthy! This kind of information and encouragement is helpful no matter the time of year.

This a an example of hand washing

5. Posted a photo of the activities their dental team was doing at home! This kind of social media for dental practices is arguably the most important. Unfortunately, it is also the most ignored. Patients and potential patients are looking to see the personal, human side of your practice. This is much more important to new patients than the clinical side of your practice. Offer some at-home activity ideas like organizing drawers, learning a new recipe, or at-home yoga. Many patients are working from home and staying in, this is an ideal opportunity to connect with them on your page!

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6. Staying home means more time with furry friends. Dentists asked patients to share a photo of their pet in the comment section of their post! This idea gave patients and fans a reason to engage and share with the dental practice. This idea is evergreen and is guaranteed to be a hit.

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7. They asked their team to recommend their favorite, must-watch T.V. show! Dental practices shared different team member’s binge-worthy shows and added a little synopsis for patients. Use this idea to post your recommendations on your social media pages and ask your followers for their suggestions.

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8. Dental practices that closed, or changed hours, kept patients updated. If your hours have changed or are subject to change, plan on posting updates to your dental social media pages. Use this as an opportunity to remind patients to schedule or reschedule an appointment with you. Let your patients know that you miss seeing them and that you can’t wait to have them back in your office! Need graphics for social media? Download dental social media marketing post ideas here.

9. For dentists spending more time out of the office, they educated themselves by watching dental education webinars. Use the extra time at home to create a plan on how to get better at welcoming new patients, exceed your current patients’ expectations, retain or reactivate patients, and build relationships with your community. Great dental practice marketing includes showing your patients that you want to provide the best possible care.

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The importance of social media for dentists and orthodontists cannot be emphasized enough. Dental practice marketing is particularly now that more people are online than ever . Set aside some time for dental Internet marketing and make a social media plan using the dental post ideas mentioned in this article. There is no better opportunity to showcase leadership, establish new relationships, and provide support to your patients. Dental office marketing information will be updated on our site and social media pages.

My Social Practice is a digital and social media marketing agency for dentists and orthodontists. We specialize in growing your practice using the power of social media, websites, online reviews and more. Find out how we can help your practice grow!


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