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7 Brilliant Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

By December 31, 2021May 3rd, 2022No Comments

If you’re an orthodontist, you know that it’s no simple task to find new orthodontic patients. So, how do busy and successful orthodontists fill their schedules? What are the best marketing strategies for orthodontists?

It’s a fact that we all need to face: people are virtually always online. That means that whenever a potential patient wants to look for an orthodontist they go straight to their smartphone or computer.

Your orthodontic practice’s online presence is crucial for establishing credibility and attracting new patients. Orthodontists have increasingly needed to employ digital marketing techniques as time has gone by.

If you’re not sure about the role marketing strategies for orthodontics will play in your growth, it’s time to pay attention.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. These 7 brilliant marketing strategies for orthodontists are the easiest place to start!

1. Engaging Social Media Marketing

Through creative and engaging unique content, you can reach potential patients and existing patients. Whether it’s to promote your services and products or to build rapport, your social media pages are the place for it. The most efficient marketing techniques for orthodontists include consistent social media posts. Digital marketing helps you be seen as an authority in orthodontics and aids in the development of confidence among your patients.

With the right approach, your orthodontic practice's social media presence could be your most powerful marketing asset.

It’s not just about how many likes you get when marketing your orthodontic practice. Orthodontic marketing is all about providing prospective patients a peek into your office. It’s also about giving them an idea of what kind of patient experience they may anticipate from you and your team.

Make sure your practice has a variety of content on your social media pages

  • Photos of your orthodontic team
  • Educational videos
  • Before and after images
  • Fun holiday and birthday celebration posts
  • Images of events in your local community
  • Giveaways
  • Photos with happy patients
  • Team member spotlights
  • Videos that show your practice’s culture
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2. Have a Local SEO Strategy

The primary objective of most orthodontic marketing specialists today is to improve the search engine ranking of their orthodontic clients. Did you know that 67% of possible new patients never scroll past the first page in organic search?

In reality, the majority of people just browse Google’s top three results. Higher rankings for particular orthodontic keywords boost website traffic and new patient phone calls. Do you know where your orthodontic practice ranks in your local area? Find out here!

When looking for a local orthodontist on Google, a map location is generated with all the nearby orthodontists. Most information a new patient needs is listed in the Google listing, such as an address, business hours, phone number, website, reviews, average review rating, main service, etc., making it easier for the person searching to their answers and become your newest patient.

67% of possible new patients never scroll past the first page in organic search, making it critical you rank in the top 3 results in the map.

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3. Give Your Online Reputation a Boost

Orthodontic patients are now more likely than ever to search for online reviews before selecting a new dentist or orthodontist (78%).

It is important to your practice that you collect feedback from your patients. Orthodontists that utilize their online reviews to promote their services reach more patients than those who don’t.

Requesting a review through a text message, while your patient is still in the office, significantly increases the success rate.

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4. A Well-Designed Orthodontic Website

The first impression of your practice for new patients will most likely take place on your orthodontic website. There are many things you can do to ensure a positive first impression.

Optimize your website for better user experience with lightning-fast load times and ensure it’s super simple to contact your practice.

When choosing an orthodontic website company, keep in mind that it is absolutely critical that your website is mobile-friendly to support local searches. 86% of local searches are done on a mobile device!

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5. Utilize Video

Video is the most common type of content consumed. When done the right, orthodontic video marketing can generate more responses than any other kind of content.

It’s not necessary to invest in fancy equipment or professional editing to create effective video marketing.

Instagram and TikTok have editing tools in their platforms that help you produce authentic short-form videos for your orthodontic social media profiles.

6. Host Giveaways and Contests

“How do I get people to pay attention to what I’m sharing on social media?”” is a significant concern among orthodontists marketing their practices online. What’s the solution? The solution is to give something of value and make it enjoyable for patients, fans, and your orthodontic team members to participate in.

This may be done through a variety of social media tactics, such as running a Instagram or Facebook contest or giveaway on a regular basis! Even a ten-dollar gift card is enough to catch the eye of current and potential patients.These 13 fantastic suggestions will guarantee that your page gets lots of attention.

Giveaways and contests provide a big opportunity for orthodontists to reach new patients and build trust and rapport with current patients.

7. Invest in Paid Promotions

It’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram have turned into pay-to-play platforms. However, when you have excellent orthodontic marketing content and know the few fundamental principles about how to boost posts, you’ll realize that paid promotions (boosting) is an excellent investment for your orthodontic marketing dollar. On social media, your content will have a more difficult time getting through to your audience — even if they follow your page. Even your most loyal patients who like your page may find it more difficult to discover your posts on their feeds.

Small, targeted investments to increase the visibility of posts can considerably increase your reach and impressions.


We Can Help!

Orthodontic patients are educated and know how to do their research. They don’t trust what you have to say about your orthodontic practice online, but instead trust the experience of others. This is why digital marketing for dentists is so important.

The rules of digital marketing and social media for orthodontists have changed considerably in recent years. The old ways are no longer effective. Orthodontists’ use of social media and websites is more than just having them up. In 2022, potential patients are searching for honesty, a personal connection, and a reputable orthodontist based on social proof. Patients want to know who you are before they contact you.

The experts at My Social Practice will develop a strong digital marketing strategy for your unique orthodontic practice and help your practice reach more patients than ever. Chat with an expert today.

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