Want to Have Some Fun? Try These 10 Dental Contest Ideas

10 Dental Contest Ideas

A big question in social media is “how do I get people to engage with what I’m posting?” The answer? Provide value, and make it fun for patients, fans and team members to participate.

A great way to do this is to occasionally have a contest or small giveaway! Nothing attracts attention like a chance to win a prize—even a ten-dollar gift card.

Check out these ten fun, shareable dental contest ideas that will help you build relationships and introduce your practice to potential patients:

1. Have a Caption Contest

Dental Contest Idea 1

Post a funny dental-themed photo and give fans a chance to be creative with the caption. Announce that your team will choose the best one to win a small prize.

2. Help Fans Get to Know Your Team With Throwback Thursday Trivia

Dental contest idea #2

Share a childhood photo of a team member and a couple interesting facts about them. See if fans can guess who it is!

3. Create a Fun Video by Having a “Floss Race”

Announce the race with a photo of the participants and ask fans to vote for who think can unspool a box of floss the fastest. Share a video of the contest and bag up the floss for your team members to take home afterward.


4. Phone Game High Score Contest

Dental contest idea #4

What’s the most popular free smartphone game right now? Check the charts and have your team members download it. Share a screenshot of your team’s best score and challenge your fans to beat it! Announce that the highest score posted with a screenshot in the next couple days will win a small prize.

5. Have a “Like Challenge”

Dental contest idea #5

Tell fans that if a post gets enough Likes in a certain time period, one of your team members will do something funny, like dressing up as the tooth fairy for a day. Remember to share some photos on the day of the event!

6. Offer a Referral Bonus

Dental Contest Ideas #6

This is an easy and effective way to grow your practice. Tell fans on your social media pages that when new patients tell the front desk who referred them, they’ll receive a gift or be entered to win a prize!

7. Give Away a Pair of Movie Tickets

Dental Contest Ideas #7

Create a few posts to capitalize on the craze around a blockbuster movie! Encourage more engagement by asking fans to enter by commenting on their favorite character or movie in the series.


8. Team Paper Plane Contest

Dental Contest ideas #8

Who on your team thinks they have the best paper plane folding technique? Post a video of your team members making their planes and invite fans to comment with whose plane they think will fly the farthest. Then share a video of the contest!

9. Celebrate a Weird or Obscure Holiday

Dental contest ideas #9

Ever heard of Donut Day or National Smile Day? Look up the lesser-known holidays of the month and make a fun post out of one. For example, ask fans about their favorite donut or something that makes them smile and announce that one lucky commenter will win a related prize!

10. Recognize a Patient or Team Member of the Week

Dental contest ideas #10

You don’t have to make it a competition, but take the opportunity to highlight a patient or team member and show your appreciation with a small gift. Share a photo on your social media pages and congratulate them on the award!

Remember, a good social media mix includes many different types of posts. If you feel like your content is in a rut, a contest or giveaway is a great way to spice things up and invite engagement. It’s a perfect opportunity to involve your team, have some fun, and build relationships with your patients.

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