3 Great Social Media Giveaway Ideas for Dental Offices


Small giveaways are a great icebreaker to help you attract and retain dental patients! Check out how practices used these giveaway ideas for dental offices to build some buzz on social media.

Here’s one thing that very few dentists are doing, but it’s one of the best ways to break the ice and get attention for your practice: social media giveaways. It’s not complicated—people love the chance to win a prize! And with a little planning, your patients and fans will be happy to participate and even introduce family and friends to your practice for a chance to win.

If you’re looking to reach more potential patients, retain existing patients, and enhance your dental practice’s local reputation, doing a giveaway is proven to be a great way to start. Even if you only have a small number of followers,  you can use small, frequent giveaways to grow your online presence and your practice.

Plus, as you saw in the video, at the end of this post you’ll see a link for our free Holiday Dental Giveaway Kit. Download it and you’ll get instructions and printable signs you can use to make setting up your own holiday giveaway a snap. Try it this week and see how easy it is to make giveaways a part of your dental marketing!

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3 Giveaway Ideas for Dental Offices That Get Results


Favorite Emoji

The team at Hulsey Dentistry got a ton of interaction on this giveaway post by having patients and fans comment with their favorite emoji for a chance to win.

Try to spark conversation with your giveaway, because getting a lot of comments signals Facebook to give the post greater reach. Just asking a simple question about your patients’ and fans’ favorite things is an easy way to get people participating, especially when the topic appeals to young patients!


2 Truths and a Lie

Smile Spot Children’s Dentistry helped followers get to know their team with this trivia game giveaway. It was a huge hit and strengthened relationships. They listed three statements about this team member, two of which were true, and challenged fans to spot the lie for a chance to win!

Getting your team involved will make your giveaway more effective. Train your front desk team member to mention the giveaway to everyone that comes in. Including team members in all of your giveaway photos is also proven to boost engagement.


Win It Wednesday

MT West Dentist does a small giveaway every week. They call it “Win It Wednesday.” It keeps patients and fans coming back to their page and sharing their posts with family and friends.

Choose small prizes that allow you to do more giveaways more often. My Social Practice has helped thousands of dental offices run great giveaways, and we’ve found that even a $10 gift card is enough to catch attention and get people to participate.

When you have fun giveaways on  your page more often, it keeps you top-of-mind with patients and fans. Their regular participation will build your reach with the people most likely to become your new patients.

Create Your Own Giveaway in Minutes With This Kit

Now it’s your turn to do a giveaway, and with these tools it couldn’t be easier! Read this blog post for some simple giveaway tips and guidelines, and download the Holiday Dental Giveaway Kit below. You’ll discover how easy it is to create a giveaway in just a few minutes that attracts and retains patients!