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Orthodontic Marketing Case Study – Beverly Hills Orthodontics!

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IN THE HEART OF LOS ANGELES, with a spectacular view across the Hollywood Hills, you’ll find Beverly Hills Orthodontics—combining big city capabilities with small town hospitality to create a fun, modern, quality-driven orthodontic practice.

We’re excited to feature an orthodontic practice this month because there are special challenges that come with marketing orthodontics. We’re confident that all of our clients can benefit from learning how Beverly Hills Orthodontics deals with those challenges.

One Challenge: Connecting With Teens

While it’s true that adults constitute 20% of the people in braces, most orthodontic practices still cater primarily to kids ages 10–16.

Solution: Know Your Audience

Teens are ready and willing to connect if you make it worth their while. So how do you do that? By making it fun! One glance at their Facebook page and you can tell how much fun the practice is having with their patients. Beverly Hills Orthodontics’ promotions are custom-made for teens.

Recently they challenged patients to “make them laugh” and patients responded with goofy pictures, Facebook memes, and even social media videos of patients dancing and rapping. For their current social media contest, they’re offering iTunes gift cards to the winner—a slam dunk for just about any teen!

One Challenge: High Turnover

Orthodontics usually involves treatment over a limited time. This means practices must engage quickly and build a strong enough relationship that patients want to pass the word along. Even though patients stop coming to your office, they can maintain a relationship through orthodontic social media.

Solution: Featuring Your Patients

So how do you engage patients quickly? By featuring them! Think about it: your practice culture is not just made up of your doctors and your team. It’s made up of your patients, too. When your social media reflects that, your patients—and their parents and friends—love it. BHO’s Facebook page is filled with photos of patients posing alongside Drs. Madan and Cohen, commemorating the day they had their braces removed. The result of this?

  • Patients “liking” their own pictures
  • Mothers anticipating their next kid’s braces
  • Other patients commenting with a wistful “I can’t wait for my turn…”

And suddenly, you’ve built a tribe (community).


We asked Rhee, their designated social media manager (and schedule coordinator), what their biggest surprise has been using social media marketing in their practice. She said,“Since we started using social media in our practice, the biggest “a-ha moment” was how much the patients have been enjoying the personal side of the doctors as they get to know them more and more outside of their white coats.”

Lesson Learned: People (especially teens) love to see the fun side of a practice. So let your true colors show!


Next, we asked what social media marketing tactics they’ve had the most success with. Rhee said, “We’ve seen the most success with patients engaging on Facebook.”

Lesson Learned: Facebook is the most popular form of Social Media available, and it can interact with and strengthen all your other social media venues. So make sure to post every day on Facebook, and integrate your other social media tools.


Next, we asked Rhee to share her thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PRACTICE. She said,“The #1 benefit to our practice of our social media marketing efforts is reminding patients that we are always there for them whenever they need us.”

Lesson Learned: With email, Facebook, and Twitter, you can keep in contact with your patients outside of the office. This means stronger relationships, more references, and more effective care.


When asked her opinion about what’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing, Rhee said,“The hardest part of social media marketing is obtaining Twitter followers.”

Lesson Learned: It takes a while to learn how to use Twitter effectively in dental practice marketing. One of the most important things to learn first is how to connect with people locally. Also, be sure you have a good feel for the mindset and basics of Twitter.


We asked Rhee which services or items provided by My Social Practice have proven to be the most helpful. Rhee replied,“The daily kickstart emails have been extremely helpful.”

Lesson Learned: One of our priorities is helping you be consistent in your efforts. If you’re feeling short on inspiration, make sure to utilize our resources to make your Facebook page more fun and active.


Congratulations to Beverly Hills Orthodontics for your outstanding use of social media for orthodontic practices!

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