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Orthodontic Marketing Case Study – Gorczyca Orthodontics Knows How To Share And Connect

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Congratulations to Dr. Gorczyca and team at Gorczyca Orthodontics—our Practice of the Month!

From their location in Antioch, California, Dr. Gorczyca and her team put emphasis on a welcoming, positive atmosphere where, as their website states, your “orthodontic experience is professional yet enjoyable, friendly, and fun.”

From frequent Facebook posting to blog articles, Gorczyca Orthodontics does LOTS of things right. One thing that makes Dr. Gorczyca really stand out from other practices is her use of Twitter…

Using Twitter To Share And Connect

When we asked about her favorite tools, Dr. Gorczyca told us “I personally enjoy what I have learned and the new business contacts that I have made on Twitter.” Dr. Gorczyca is an adventurous, visionary client who skillfully navigates a Twitter microblogging platform that some hesitate to explore.

When it comes to using Twitter, here are some handy things you can learn from Dr. Gorczyca:

  • Use Twitter to share things that you’re passionate about. That doesn’t have to just be dentistry (or orthodontics). Dr. Gorczyca tweets about music, management techniques, and social media as well as orthodontic conference events and practice news.
  • Connect with other tweeps by following, re-tweeting, and using direct and @replies. These can be professional contacts, people whose content and advice you appreciate, friends, or patients. Dr. Gorczyca has created a community of great business contacts and people who share her interests on Twitter.


More Twitter Tips

And if you want more advice about where to start with Twitter, check out our blog posts on using Twellow to connect locally, and getting started on Twitter.


We asked Dr. Gorczyca what their biggest surprise has been using social media marketing in their practice. She said,“I have been surprised that personal family photos have received the most likes. Photos of Gorczyca Orthodontics ‘Director of Marketing’ (my 7 year old son) have gotten a lot of attention. Our team’s Super Mario Halloween costumes last year were also very popular, as well as my photo with Ozzy Osborne.

I wish I could say that photos of Gorczyca Orthodontics ideal functional occlusion orthodontic results in our patients have received as much praise, but I have found that the general public is not as excited about Class I occlusion as I am!”

Lesson Learned: We know just what you mean! We’ve found that our most successful posts are usually fun or personal things, rather than straight information. That’s why it’s important to keep a mix of fun and information, and to always keep a personal element.


When we asked Dr. Gorczyca to share her thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PRACTICE, she replied,“Making new friends. Social media has enabled us to get to know these friends, our patients, community, and referring offices better and for them to get to know us better as people.”

Lesson Learned: Orthodontic social media is about relationships. Take time to share and to reach out and you can build a strong online community.


When we asked Dr. Gorczyca to share her thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PATIENTS, she replied,We use social media to make our patients feel special. For the general public, our social media is a window to see into Gorczyca Orthodontics and get a feel for what our practice is like.”


When asked her opinion about what’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing, Dr. Gorczyca said,“The hardest thing for me personally has been the uploading of photos. We are pleased to finally have a Apple iPhone5 for office use. This has made this process easier.”

Lesson Learned: Great idea! Making it easy will ensure that things happen. And the patient features on your Facebook page are really well-done!


We asked Dr. Gorczyca which services or items provided by My Social Practice have proven to be the most helpful. She replied,“I most appreciate the assistance My Social Practice has given me in blog post creation, especially the access to beautiful photos. I also enjoy very much the blog posts of Jack Hadley, his discussions of marketing, the ideas that he proposes, and the books that he recommends. I’ve also enjoyed your highlights of other dental practices using social media.”

From our team at My Social Practice to Dr. Gorczyca, we really appreciate your interaction on our own social media sites. We love your comments and the way that you’re always eager to learn and try new things.


Thanks, Dr. Gorczyca and team, for your passion and positivity in everything that you do.

To all of our blog subscribers… What are your social media goals for 2013? Is there anything that you would like to learn more about from our team? Leave a comment below—we’d love to hear about the new things that you’re trying.

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About the Author: Blake Hadley is the president of My Social Practice located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about helping dental practices grow their patient base exponentially by using digital dental marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Blake to speak at your next event you can do that on our dental marketing expert page.