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2 Keys To Orthodontic Social Media Success

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Mori Orthodontics is an energetic orthodontic practice located in Dayton, Ohio. They’re really making social media work for them! We’d like to share two keys to their success:

Key #1: Putting In The Time

Social media is all about personal connections! That’s why it’s so important to us here at My Social Practice that we never take over your practice’s voice, or interact with your patients on your behalf. This means that your practice will have to put in some time to foster connections online (AND inside your practice) with your patients.

Gloria at Mori Orthodontics understands this and she enthusiastically throws herself into meeting–and exceeding!–the goals we set with her.

1. The team responds to every comment—on Facebook, and on their practice blog.

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2. On Facebook, they post EVERY DAY to keep their fans engaged.

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Key #2: Providing Remarkable Care

Another very important reason for Mori Orthodontics’ success online has nothing to do with what’s happening online. It’s about what’s going on inside their practice! Gloria told us that the best part of social media is that “it enables us to build upon our existing relationships with patients.” It’s so important to realize that social media seldom creates something out of nothing. Instead, social media maximizes the relationships that are already there.

Relationships all boil down to your team, and about the team at Mori Orthodontics, Gloria says, “They’re a fun loving group!  They’re the BEST and a big part of why we’ve been successful with our social media efforts.

Amazing Things Happen When You Combine These 2 Keys To Success

Mori Orthodontics steadily sees great interaction on their Facebook page. It’s a great preview for prospective patients and potential referrals!

We Asked Gloria…

What social media tools and techniques have been the most successful for you?

“The personal posts garner the greatest engagement. The patients and their families have a relationship with the folks they see at the office and so that’s who they want to know about. For example, although they’re great and definitely have a place on Facebook, our audience responds better to pictures of our staff than dental infographics.”

What resources provided by My Social Practice have proven the most useful?

“I LOVE the recent giveaway ideas (GS cookies, t-shirts, etc.)! They’ve been very well received by our fans and very effective at getting them engaged. Best of all, they are quick, easy, and inexpensive. Combined with the great graphics provided, it’s been a recipe for success!”

“Our consultant in your office, Libby, has been fantastic and I am constantly picking her brain for ideas, questions, etc. She is a wonderful resource!”

How have you seen social media benefit both your patients and your practice?

“We’ve absolutely seen it make a difference. We already had a well established rapport/relationship, but social media enables us to take it a little deeper so our patients can get to know us better and get a better feel for our office culture.”

What feedback have you had from patients when they come into the office?

“It’s been extremely positive! We’ve had patients comment on things they’ve seen, liked, and how much fun they’re having with our FB page!”

What do you do in the office to improve your social media connections?

First and foremost, provide the best care and service possible! In my opinion, without that, your social media efforts won’t amount to much. Your patients’ care and needs must come first above all!”

Thanks, Gloria! And congratulations to Mori Orthodontics. Keep up the great work!


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