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Orthodontic Marketing Case Study – Tulsa Braces!

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Congratulations to our March Social Practice of the Month—Tulsa Braces!

Dental Marketing Case Study - Tulsa Braces

We love the enthusiasm shown by the entire Tulsa Braces team as they’ve gotten involved in social media! Using our strategies and content, they create posts and promotions that connect with their fans—and most importantly, their patients are sharing their experiences at the practice with friends.

How do they do it? We asked their marketing manager, Carly Morrisett, about how they have used social media to make fans and patients feel like family.

Q&A With Tulsa Braces’ Marketing Manager, Carly Morrisett

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

What’s been your biggest “a-ha moment” so far? The one thing you just weren’t expecting?

Our biggest “a-ha moment” was when we realized we can bring new people in the door with our social media contests. We leave most of our contests open to the public, and when winners come to pick up their prize, sometimes it is their first time at Tulsa Braces. This is our chance to give them a tour of our office and let them know what we offer and any current specials going on!

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Which social media tools have you seen the most success with?

We just wrapped up our first ‘Snap a Selfie’ campaign and it was a HUGE hit! When our patients check in to our practice and take a photo with our staff, it lets their Facebook friends know where they are, who they trust, and who we are. They can easily get our practice information so they can call and schedule a consultation themselves!

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What do you feel has been the No. 1 benefit of social media marketing for your patients?

We believe our patients genuinely care about us and our practice as we do them. Our patients follow us on social media because they are a part of our family, and want to know what we are up to! We always post fun pictures on birthdays and happenings around the office, because we know that is what our followers want to see!

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How about the No. 1 benefit to your practice?

We use social media as a way to inform our friends and patients about upcoming VIP programs, contests and events! Social media is the easiest way to reach our fan base and get people involved! Even simple contests and giveaways can have a BIG impact, resulting in new patients!

What do you and your team do in the office to promote your social media efforts?

Anything we do on social media we advertise in office. Our team is great at interacting and replying back to our patients with their own social media accounts. It shows they truly care about our patients and building a lasting relationship with them!

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Morrisett also emphasized the importance of getting the whole team involved in social media, not just the person in charge of the Facebook page. My Social Practice makes this easy and fun by providing a new campaign idea every month! We package and send everything you need—posters, Social Signs, raffle cards, etc.—all in one convenient box.

The Campaigns-in-a-Box are great because everything comes ready to go,” Morrisett told us. “Thank you for this opportunity! We love you guys!” she continued.

Aww, thanks Carly! We love you too.

Social media offers incredible opportunities for practices to not only reach a wide audience, but also to build authentic, lifelong relationships with patients. When patients feel a personal connection to your practice, it will make them want to share with friends—which means more new patients in your office!

Whether you live online or don’t even have a Facebook account, we’d love to personally show you step-by-step how to grow your practice with social media. Contact us today for a free demo of our services, or check out our Campaign-in-a-Box products!

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