Our August Social Practice of the Month—Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics!

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Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics Team

Congratulations to our August Practice of the Month—Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics!

As we’ve watched their social media presence grow, we’ve been impressed by the mix of fun and professionalism that creates their awesome practice culture! It’s clear how much their whole team loves setting kids on the path to lifetime dental health, and it shines through in their social media content.

We asked practice VP Aman Sandhu about how social media and My Social Practice tools are helping them build their practice. Take something from their experience to apply in your office!

Q&A With Practice VP Aman Sandhu

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

What’s been the biggest surprise of social media marketing so far?

“We have felt more connected with our patients, and by sharing our brand of courteous service we are seeing a difference in the number of calls our office is getting in return.”

Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics patient photo

Which social media tools have you seen the most success with?

“The monthly campaigns keep the practice decor fresh with new ideas and our patients look forward to coming in and seeing what’s happening.”


What would you say is social media marketing’s biggest benefit for your patients? 

“They enjoy being at the office and participating in the monthly campaigns. We are a children’s dental practice and parents like that their kids look forward to their appointments.”

Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics Pokemon post

How about the biggest benefit for your practice?

“It has helped us build our brand and become more of a household name in the community. We’ve increased our new patient count and are getting more from our existing patients through reviews and word-of-mouth.”

How does your team support your social media efforts?

“Social media is our main source of marketing and we set specific goals as a team to help it grow. We strive to be professional but still fun, and our patients see us that way.”

Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics Like Challenge

What advice would you give to a practice just starting with social media?

“The great thing about social media is that it works for you 24/7 and the exposure is far greater than with things like direct mail ads. When people see a favorable post about your practice from one of their friends, they’re automatically sold before they come in because they trust the referring source.”

Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics Tooth Fairy

Like most of our clients, Sandhu also mentioned that without My Social Practice, they just wouldn’t have the time to find or create things to post on social media. It’s our pleasure to help! Nothing makes us happier than providing the tools, content and training to enable dentists and orthodontists to build their practices and patient relationships through social media.


We’re proud to work with teams like Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics who go the extra mile to make everyone who visits feel like family. They’re an excellent example of how to leverage stellar practice culture to create word-of-mouth marketing and bring in new patients!

Feel like you’re throwing money away on direct mail and other traditional advertising? We’d love to personally show you step-by-step how to grow your practice with social media. Contact us today for a free demo of our services, or check out our Campaign-in-a-Box products!
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