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Orthodontic Marketing Case Study — Dietrich Orthodontics!

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Becoming a true social practice requires a change in your team’s mindset. It’s a shift from just “selling treatment” to “building lifelong healthcare relationships.” It’s about becoming comfortable in sharing the human side of your dental practice. It’s about looking for opportunities to continue the positive patient experience through social media, long after a patient has left their appointment.

Dietrich Orthodontics is one such team that knows what it means to be a social practice! Their fun team culture and sincere care for patients shine through in their online presence. Because of this, patients are eager to share their content, participate in contests and giveaways, and introduce their friends and family to the practice.

We reached out to Courtney Dietrich, business manager for Dietrich Orthodontics, for some insight into what they’ve found to be effective in their social media strategy. Take something to apply in your practice!

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Q&A With Dietrich Orthodontics’ Business Manager, Courtney Dietrich

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

What has surprised you most about social media marketing thus far?

“The content that people actually care about and react to was our biggest ‘a-ha moment.’ We were expecting people to follow us and want content on oral health, orthodontics, etc. But they seem to react the most to jokes, office events, personal anecdotes, and of course, patient pictures. It’s incredible how something little can go so far on social media.”

Dental Marketing Case Study — Dietrich Orthodontics

Which social media tools have you seen the most success with?

“We have seen the most success with personal interactions — patients and staff both, as well as with the community. Our patients and fans want to see us personally, the staff and doctor, as well as other patients. Those pictures/videos get the most engagement. My Social Practice has changed the way we think about social media, and we now feel confident in ‘selling ourselves.’ It was a personality transition to being comfortable sharing, and sharing often!”

How do you feel social media improves the patient experience?

“They get to know us, and in turn, we get to know them. When a patient is comfortable and feels like a part of our family, it enhances their treatment and their time in our office. Many have mentioned that they like seeing how real we are — celebrating birthdays and patients’ successes in their lives. Patients and parents feel that family atmosphere in our office and in our social media.”

And how has your online presence benefited your practice?

“Our name is spreading and people are seeing the human side of our practice. We are getting more and more people who found us on social media. Their friends are tagging our page in recommendations. MSP Reviews is hands down our favorite. It has made asking for and getting patient reviews a piece of cake. It was an area we were struggling in, and this has transformed our reviews pages.”

What advice would you give to a dental practice just starting with social media?

“Schedule out your posts in advance. Plan posts for community events and holidays like Mother’s Day, but be ready to adjust. For example, if you want to make a thank-you post about some awesome patient who just brought in lunch. Get creative! Almost ANYTHING in a dental office can be used for a social media post. Announcements, dental tips, birthdays, patient success stories, etc. We are all on the lookout for photo ops or shareable moments. It takes a village!

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We’d like to thank Courtney for her time and thoughts, and congratulate Dietrich Orthodontics on a job well done!

Did something stand out that you could implement in your own office this week? Strengthen your practice’s online presence and help new patients find you!

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