5 Awesome Orthodontic Marketing Ideas Using Social Media

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Is your practice’s online presence growing your business? These five orthodontic marketing ideas are proven to attract and retain patients through social media.

Orthodontists are busy, and with everything that goes into patient care, marketing plans are probably the last thing on your mind. Yet, you can’t afford to just ignore it. An orthodontic practice is built on clinical expertise and great patient experiences. But, your practice will thrive with smart marketing that grows your reach, strengthens relationships, and enhances your reputation.

With the right strategy, your orthodontic practice’s online presence can be your greatest orthodontic marketing tool. My Social Practice has helped thousands of orthodontic practices transform and grow through smart digital marketing. In this article, we will share five ideas that our orthodontic clients use. All five tips have been tested and proven to build trust and motivate potential patients to call.

Remember, social media success for orthodontic practices isn’t just about how many likes you get. It’s about giving prospective patients a look into your team culture and the patient experience. Patients starting research on orthodontic practices will include social media in their search. Many of our clients report increases of up to 30% in their new patient intake since starting to utilize social media.

Over 90% of consumers do research online before deciding between local dental care providers. Orthodontic practices with strong search engine optimization are experiencing growth well beyond that of practices without a social media marketing strategy. Remember, social media and reviews play a large part in great orthodontic SEO.

Try these ideas out and see for yourself how effective social media enhances your orthodontic office’s visibility and reputation. Discover how My Social Practice’s full suite of dental marketing programs will take your practice growth to the next level.

Here are 5 awesome social media marketing ideas for orthodontic offices you can try this week:

1. Show Your Practice Culture by Sharing Team Photos

Our clients consistently report that one of the best ways to kickstart engagement is to share photos of their team.

Great team photo opportunities can happen anytime your team does anything together! You just need to be ready to pull out your phone and capture them. For example: going out to lunch, CPR training, continuing education, or celebrating a holiday.

You’ll notice that the following examples use our Social Signs. These signs are used to help patients and team members make photos more fun.

Giving a peek into your practice culture through team photos is a powerful way to build trust. An inside look at you practice helps potential patients get familiar with you before they ever schedule an appointment.

Orthodontic Practice Team2. Make Starting Orthodontic Treatment Fun

For many children, starting orthodontic treatment can be a stressful time in their lives. They may be nervous about the changes to their diet, speech, and appearance orthodontic appliances bring.

This is an excellent opportunity to go the extra mile for your patients. Celebrate the beginning of treatment with a photo, a goodie bag, and maybe even a gift certificate for a smoothie. Check out these free resources that make snapping and sharing HIPAA-compliant patient photos easy.

Orthodontic Practice Fun3. Run a “Flossing Challenge” Campaign

Practice campaigns are a fun and easy way to get your entire team involved in your social media efforts! They are also a great way to promote good habits with your patients. Snap a photo with patients that agree to take a 30-day flossing pledge. Then, invite them to share it for a chance to win a prize!

Check out our Social Media Idea Boxes for more campaign ideas.

Orthodontic Practice Flossing




4. Highlight Events in Patients’ and Team Members’ Lives

Showing interest in the lives of your patients and team members is a powerful way to build relationships. Those strong relationships are what allow your practice to thrive. Not only that, but you can also create great content for your social media pages!

Share a “Patient of the Day” or “Team Member of the Day” post! Congratulate your team member on a recent accomplishment, or just express your appreciation for them. An important part of orthodontic marketing is simply staying connected on a personal level with your patients.

Orthodontic Practice Life Events

5. Create Opportunities for Patients to Snap and Share Selfies

Some of the most effective posts in your orthodontic social media marketing will actually come from your patients, not from you. It’s awesome when a patient snaps a photo at your practice. Think about it. All of their friends will see what a great experience they had with you!

Share their post on your own practice page and thank them for coming by. Patients starting orthodontic treatment will feel at ease seeing that other patients are having a great experience at your practice.

Orthodontic Practice Selfie

The key is to create and share content on your social media pages that provide value. However, this doesn’t mean everything you post should be educational or a special offer.

Use social media to show that you care for your patients’ well-being and that you enjoy working as a team. Use it to show patients that you’re ready and anxious to welcome new patients into your orthodontic practice family.

Orthodontic social media provides a way for your practice to foster relationships in your local community. By following and liking posts from other local businesses, you stay connected and relevant. Remember, referral sources are relying on social media to provide social proof for your practice.

As a My Social Practice client, you’ll receive everything you need to easily create social media content. Not just social media content, but content that attracts and retains orthodontic patients. That includes services like social media marketing ideas, blog posts, an amazing orthodontic practice website, and SEO.

Plus, you’ll have regular one-on-one coaching to maximize your effectiveness. Let’s do a free consultation with you to help you find marketing strategies for orthodontics that fit perfectly with your practice. Plus, check out our huge library of free downloadable resources with more orthodontic marketing tips!

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