5 Awesome Orthodontic Marketing Ideas Using Social Media

5 Awesome Social Media Marketing Ideas for Orthodontic OfficesWhat goes through your mind when you think of ways to market your orthodontic practice?

Traditionally, you might answer “a radio ad” or “taking out a spot in a local magazine or newspaper.” If you’ve ever tried any of these methods, no doubt you’re aware of their shortcomings, especially for orthodontists. They’re expensive, short-lived, and they don’t play to your practice’s strengths.

Orthodontic Marketing is tough but digital marketing through Social media provides a way for you to leverage what’s great about your orthodontic office—close relationships with patients and strong team culture, are great marketing strategies for orthodontics, for example—to create remarkable, shareable marketing content. Not only is it an easier, cheaper way to advertise, social media marketing helps turn patients into advocates for your practice, bringing in new patients through word-of-mouth—the best way to grow a practice.

The key is to create and share content on your social media pages that provides value. This isn’t to say that everything you post needs to be educational or a special offer, but it should show how much you care for your patients’ well-being and invite them to be a part of your practice family.


Here are 5 awesome social media marketing ideas for orthodontic offices you can try this week and share on your social media pages:

1. Show Your Practice Culture by Sharing Team Photos

Our clients consistently report that one of the best ways to kickstart engagement on their social media pages is to share photos of their team. So, when should you pull out your phone and snap a photo? Anytime your team does anything together! For example: going out to lunch, CPR training, continuing education, or celebrating a holiday. You’ll notice that many of the following examples use our Social Signs, which patients and team members can hold to make photos more fun.

Orthodontic Practice Team2. Make Starting Orthodontic Treatment Fun

For many children, starting orthodontic treatment can be a stressful time in their lives. They may be nervous about the changes to their diet, speech, and appearance orthodontic appliances bring. This is an excellent opportunity to go the extra mile for your patients. Celebrate the beginning of treatment with a photo, a goodie bag, and maybe even a gift certificate for a smoothie! Read our post on consent forms for guidelines on including patients in photos.

Orthodontic Practice Fun3. Run a “Flossing Challenge” Campaign

Practice campaigns are a fun and easy way to get your entire team involved in your social media efforts, as well as promote good habits with your patients. Snap a photo with patients that agree to take a 30-day flossing pledge and invite them to share it for a chance to win a prize! Check out our Campaign-In-a-Box products for more campaign ideas.

Orthodontic Practice Flossing


4. Highlight Events in Patients’ and Team Members’ Lives

Showing interest in the lives of your patients and team members is a powerful way to build relationships with the people that allow your practice to thrive. Not only that, you can also create great content for your social media pages! Share a “Patient of the Day” or “Team Member of the Day” post congratulating them on a recent accomplishment, or just expressing your appreciation for them.

Orthodontic Practice Life Events5. Create Opportunities for Patients to Snap and Share Selfies

The most effective posts in your social media marketing will actually come from your patients, not from you. When a patient snaps a photo at your practice, shares it on their own account, then tags your practice, all their friends will see what a great experience they had with you! Share their post on your own business page and thank them for coming by.

Orthodontic Practice SelfieMy Social Practice clients receive ideas like this in their inboxes every weekday morning, including post images, videos, links, and downloadable Social Signs! We’re proud to help orthodontists turn what makes their practices special into remarkable marketing content.

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