Our March Practice of the Month — Wheeler Orthodontics!

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Congratulations to our March Practice of the Month — Wheeler Orthodontics!

It’s called social media marketing for a reason — the more people you involve, the more fun and effective it becomes! Practices that understand this and participate in social media as a team consistently see the best results in online visibility, reach and engagement.

Wheeler Orthodontics is a great example of how combining smart post ideas with a strong practice culture creates a compelling social media presence that patients want to be a part of. It allows them to build relationships and maintain top-of-mind awareness, making it more likely for patients to introduce the practice to family and friends.

We reached out to Jacquelin Wheeler, social media marketing coordinator for the practice, for some insight into what makes their social media strategy so effective. Take something to apply in your own practice!

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Q&A With Marketing Coordinator Jacquelin Wheeler

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

Since you started using social media marketing, what has been the biggest benefit to your practice?

“The number one benefit to our practice due to our social media marketing efforts is that search engines find us and provide our name when potential patients and current patients search for an orthodontist. We have had wonderful reviews, and I think the parents really like when we post pictures of their kids with braces just on or just off.”

“We were told that the more personal the post, the more engagement we would see. That really hit me with the first Christmas Lunch post that we did. It was just a picture of us all out to lunch together. We couldn’t believe how many people took the time to engage with that post!”

What’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing for you?

“The hardest thing for our office is to come up with creative ideas! But the content that My Social Practice provides is creative and usable, and we use the Monthly Content Calendar as a starting point for planning and it keeps us on task all month. The Share Your Visit campaign definitely increased our page likes and got us moving on our Instagram account.”

What do you and your team do in the office to advance your social media efforts?

“We announce the content plans for the month at staff meetings and ask for input. This gets everyone thinking in advance of preparing the post. We have more celebratory birthdays and bring in lunches to make more opportunities to share team posts. We also try to be sure and capture any special events that we are doing.”

What advice would you give to a practice just starting out on social media?

“I would say that as a practice gets started using social media, they need to look around at what other practices are doing. My Social Practice features client examples on their dashboard and looking at those features is a good place to start. Also, plan out your posts.”

Thanks for your comments, Jacquelin!

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