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Dental Marketing Case Study – L&M Orthodontics

By October 3, 2012June 6th, 2022No Comments

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Congratulations to L&M Orthodontics, our October Practice of the Month!

The office of Drs. Lee and Meyrowitz is an orthodontic practice in Doylestown and Glenside, Pennsylvania. They believe that a visit to your orthodontist “…should never remind you of an assembly line. Every patient receives our personal attention at every appointment.”

Be Involved

That’s what really made L&M Orthodontics stick out to us—“personal attention”. Social media marketing for dentists and orthodontists is about making things personal. When L&M notices something that needs to be communicated, they address it with resources that are easily accessible for their patients.

For example, recently Dr. Meyrowitz wrote a blog post. He knew it would be helpful for patients to better communicate when they needed adjustments on their braces, so he covered some “basic braces terminology”. Such posts personalize your blog and help patients feel like the information you share is specifically for them.

Here’s another example of L&M Orthodontics using social media to address their patients’ needs. Check out this dental social media video they made to instruct patients on flossing while wearing braces:

Use Your Team’s Support

In order to be so involved with dental social media, you’ll need the help of your whole team. At L&M, they know how to make it a priority. There is always something fun to share when your whole team is exercising a “social mindset”.

Feature Your Patients

Do you find yourself thinking that your practice just doesn’t have any news to share in a Facebook or in a blog post? Remember that on any given day, you have patients coming in and out of the office with exciting news—such as getting their braces off or having a dental implant placed. It may even be unrelated to your practice: a victory in a local sports league or some kind of personal achievement. So feature your patients! L&M really gives their patients the opportunity to shine on their Star Smiles wall.

Patients who get their braces off pose with the doctors in front of the Star Smile wall, often hamming it up with costume props. It’s a great way to make something really fun out of the business that you do every day.


We asked Dr. Lee what their biggest surprise has been using social media dental marketing in their practice. He said,Our patients really enjoy getting to know our practice, doctors, and staff on a more personal level. It allows us to be more personable, real, and makes our patients more comfortable.”

Lesson Learned: Your patients want to know YOU. Give them a taste of what you’re really like and your relationships will be stronger and more effective.


Next, we asked what social media marketing tactics they’ve had the most success with. Dr. Lee said, “We’ve noticed a lot of popularity with promotions where we give away ‘nice prizes’ such as an iPad.”

Lesson Learned: We use promotions in our strategy because they work. Sometimes, a promotion will provide the extra boost people need to get involved. Once they’ve made an initial connection with you, the value you provide will speak for itself.


When we asked Dr. Lee to share his thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PRACTICE, he replied,“The brand of our practice is freely shared to all of our patients’ friends and family.”

Lesson Learned: Social media has the power to publish stories that spread. When your patients are involved with your brand, their friends and family will see it.


When asked his opinion about what’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing, Dr. Lee said,“Training staff and making sure that everyone is on board with what social media brings. For it to work, the entire staff has to actively participate.

Lesson Learned: We completely agree! Social media is most effective when the whole team is involved. When you start having fun with it, social media can be a great building experience for your team as well as your business.


We asked Dr. Lee which services or items provided by My Social Practice have proven to be the most helpful. He replied,“We appreciate the overall quality of service and the immediate attention to any questions or concerns that we may have.”

Lesson Learned: Our support team is fantastic, and we make it a priority to take care of any issues that you might encounter. Remember that you’re not alone when it comes to social media.


Congratulations to L&M Orthodontics for your outstanding use of social media!

We hope that these examples will inspire you to be more active in your social media marketing. We hope they’ll help you put the personal touch on your dental practice patients.


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