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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – The Smile Spot Fosters Fantastic Patient Interaction!

By May 7, 2013June 4th, 2022No Comments

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Congratulations to The Smile Spot, our May Practice of the Month!

The Smile Spot is an amazing pediatric practice in Southbury, Connecticut where kids feel comfortable and special. Parents love The Smile Spot, too, because Dr. Stephen Kest and his team use social media to celebrate their patients.

You can always count on seeing a conversation or two going on at The Smile Spot’s Facebook page. It stays lively, current and full of great feedback. So we asked Tali (Marketing Coordinator at The Smile Spot) to share some tips for inviting their patients to participate on social media.

How To Invite Interaction On Social Media

1. Don’t Be Shy—Just Ask!

Tali told us that they bring up social media with every patient before they leave. Patients are happy to help you grow, but they usually won’t think of liking you on Facebook, sharing a picture, or writing a review unless you ask for it.

Remember that it all comes down to growing your business, and your patients want you to succeed. Give them opportunities to help!

2. Have An Ice-Breaker

The Smile Spot always has a promo going, which makes a great conversation-starter. Tali pointed out that local events can also be openers: “Whether it’s something on a grand scale, like our Halloween Candy Buy Back event, or something smaller, like helping a parent by buying tickets to the school’s magic show and giving them away to our patients, our community involvement gives us a reason to have a dialogue with our patients.”

3. Celebrate Your Patients!

The Smile Spot finds tons of ways to highlight their patients and make them feel special. We especially love their “Stop Sucking Your Thumb” program.

After setting a goal, patients get to pick out their own prize from the prize closet. They take a picture with it, and hang the picture up at home as a reminder of what they’re working for. After 30 days of hard work, kids can come back for their prize. Tali tells us “Parents LOVE seeing pictures of their child’s success posted on our page.”

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We Asked Tali…

We asked Tali what their biggest surprise has been using social media marketing in their practice. She said,“The biggest surprise to us is that parents of our patients love seeing the more personal side of our practice. Our post about Dr. Stephen’s birthday was the most popular one so far.”

Lesson Learned: Social media is all about relationships, and every single one of your patients has a relationship with your team. So always share opportunities to get to know your team better—your patients will love it!


When we asked Tali to share her thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PATIENTS, she replied,“We are always finding ways to give back to our patients. Either with free tickets to local events or grand prize giveaways. By staying in touch with us through social media, our patients stay informed on these promotions. They also like the more educational facebook and blog posts about dental hygiene.”

Lesson LearnedSocial media isn’t just about what your practice can gain. It’s also about providing value for your patients.


When we asked Tali to share her thoughts about the biggest benefits of social media for THEIR PRACTICE, she replied,“The best part about social media for our practice is that we stay top of mind to our parents and patients. Instead of thinking about us only twice a year, they can see our posts daily or monthly. It’s also a great tool for exposure. The more potential clients hear about us, the more likely they are to become patients, especially if their friends are posting about what a great time they had at our office.”

Lesson LearnedEvery one of your patients has the potential to become a powerful promoter. Social media makes it easy for them.


We asked Tali what methods they’ve had the most success with. She told us, “We recently gave an iPad away through the ‘Enter to Win’ promo from My Social Practice. It was extremely successful and everyone we asked to enter the contest said yes (unless they didn’t use Facebook). We are also doing a grab bag promo now which is going really well.”

Lesson Learned: Promotions are awesome. If you’re not seeing results from your social media efforts yet, talk to us about how to run an effective promotion in your practice.

We asked which tools and resources from My Social Practice have been the most helpful. Tali replied,“My Social Practice makes it very easy for us to run an exciting promotion. The fact that they handle almost every aspect of it, from start to finish, is the reason why we are able to always have a promotion running. This has increased our social media followers and helped us to stay in touch with our patients.”


Congratulations to the team at The Smile Spot—it’s wonderful seeing your practice grow!

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