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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – The Dental Social Media Marketing Pros At Freedom Dental Care

By November 15, 2013June 4th, 2022No Comments

dental marketing case study

Congratulations to our client, Freedom Dental Care… November’s Practice of the Month!

HOW DOES ONE DESCRIBE the dental social media marketing efforts going on at Freedom Dental Care in Eldersburg, Maryland? In a word: AMAZING.

It’s such a pleasure for us to work with, and learn from, Dr. Burchett and her team. Their love for dentistry and for their patients is evident in everything they do—especially in their social media efforts.

Sharing Who They Are, Not Just What They Do

More than just posting about what they do—although they do that well—this team posts about who they are.

People Do Business With People They Like

Dr. Burchett takes every opportunity to strengthen relationships with her patients by showing her human side.

Dental Social Media Marketing Shares Practice Culture With Prospective New Patients

Heavy patient participation on Freedom Dental Care’s Facebook page drives shares and top-of-mind awareness, giving prospective new patients a sense of what the practice is like long before they step through the door for the first time.

dental social media case study

Showing A Keen Interest In Their Local Community

Freedom Dental Care uses social media to show that they’re proud members of their community, and that they participate in community events.


We Asked Freedom Dental Care’s General Manager, Josh, A Few Questions…

We asked Josh what has surprised him about social media marketing. He told us, “We’ve been truly surprised with how many people our posts reach. What we really weren’t expecting was how great the posts are from My Social Practice. Even when we choose to go out on our own and develop more personal, practice-specific updates, My Social Practice has provided us with a great springboard of ideas.”

Lesson Learned: We know you’re busy. We enjoy helping you be more effective with your time.

We wanted to know what the HARDEST part of social media marketing is for Josh and their team? Josh said, “Keeping up with new apps. We basically have to keep evolving and know what our clients are using.”

Lesson Learned: Tools come and go. Lean on us to distill all the noise and help focus your efforts.

We asked Josh what the #1 benefit of social media has been in their practice? He said, “Staying current and relevant in the 21st century. We don’t take owning a business for granted, and by showing the community we’re evolving and modern we have really made an impact in online conversations.”

Lesson Learned: Show your patients that you care and that you’re listening.

When we asked Josh what their secret is to keeping team members involved, he said, “We challenge each other by using some of the social signs, the Facebook goals chart provided by My Social Practice, the Instagram placards, etc.”

Lesson Learned: Freedom Dental Care makes their social media efforts fun.

We asked Josh what patients think. Simply put, he said, “They love it.”

Lesson Learned: Patients notice when you go the extra mile to connect with them.

We asked what item(s) or service(s) from My Social Practice have been the most helpful. Josh said, The Daily Kickstarts have been the most helpful. It takes so much time to create a post everyday, and the ones that My Social Practice provides are wonderful. I also really enjoy the training videos.”

Lesson Learned: Thanks Josh. We’re happy to help.

Congratulations to Dr. Burchett, Josh, and the excellent team at Freedom Dental Care!

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About the Author: Jack Hadley is a dental marketing expert and one of the founding members of My Social Practice. My Social Practice is a digital dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jack is passionate about helping dental practices grow. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that HERE. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dentists, our dental websites service? Learn More Here.