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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Dr. Mattson & Team Use Social Media Marketing

By February 3, 2014June 4th, 2022No Comments

dental marketing case study

Congrats to Dr. Mattson and team! Our February Social Media For Dentists Practice of the Month!

Dr. Mattson leads a fun, friendly team at Rock Run Dental! Their priority is to create a patient-centric practice that fosters trust. And there’s another very special thing this practice does VERY well…

Dr. Mattson & Team Do An Awesome Job Sharing Their Practice Story

A lot of this is done on their blog, the perfect place for stories. We help round out the content on their blog with fun, informative posts every week. But the real power comes when a practice owns its own voice—and that’s something the team at Dr. Mattson’s practice does very effectively.

Dr. Mattson and team always takes full advantage of the blog post templates we create by filling them with custom content from the whole team. Many practices have noticed that personalized posts on Facebook are the most popular ones. It works the same on your blog. Your patients love personal pictures, stories, and news.

Social Media Brings You Closer As A Team

Amee, front desk receptionist and social media manager, pointed out something else really amazing about their social media. “It’s a team builder,” she said. “We work as a team to accomplish things on Facebook. We have fun coming up with ideas to get lots of views and likes.”

Sometimes it’s tough to get everyone on board with social media. That’s why it’s important to share the little victories. Did you get some likes on that team pic? Let everyone know! Did someone comment on your blog post? Tell the world! These moments can lead to great conversations about what patients notice and love about your practice.

Dr. Mattson’s team has tons of fun together, and their patients love being a part of it on their Facebook page.


We Asked Amee A Few Questions So We Can All Learn…

We asked Amee what surprised her about social media marketing. She told us, “Our patients like to see us having fun. When we take a fun picture or are participating in a fun event that is when we get the most views.”

Lesson Learned: Always take advantage of social moments in your practice. You’ll be surprised how much your patients care!

We wanted to know what the HARDEST part of social media marketing is for Amee and their team? Amee said, “The hardest part is when you think you have a great idea and then it doesn’t turn out as good as you had hoped. Sometimes it’s the things you don’t expect to do as well that really surprise you.

Lesson Learned: Not everything is successful (then again, when it comes to marketing that’s expected). With social, some things get instant success and others just never get off the ground. But over and over again we see how consistency and enthusiasm always pay off.

We asked Amee what patients think. She told us, “Patients love seeing the things we post. We try to be very creative and keep things fun and funny. They say they love to see what we are going to come up with next. They might not come in on the day we dress up for Halloween or Ugly Sweater day but they can still see how much fun we had.”

Lesson Learned: You only see your patients a couple times a year. But social media bridges those gaps and keeps you connected. It also keeps you top-of-mind when it comes to benefitting from referrals.

We asked Amee what’s next? What social media plans and goals do they have for the future? Amee said, “Our biggest struggle with social media is asking patients to Like us on Facebook. Our office New Years resolution is to talk to more patients about our social media sites.”

Lesson Learned: That’s a great goal! It can be scary, but remember that your patients already love you. Continue using all of the in-practice materials we provide for our clients to break the ice!

Congratulations to Dr. Mattson and team. We love having you as our valued client!

Take a look at this dental marketing case study.


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