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The ADA Practical Guide To Internet Marketing Book Release

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ADA Practical Guide To Internet Marketing
ABOUT SIX MONTHS AGO we were asked by the American Dental Association to author a chapter in their new book, The ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing. The chapter they asked us to write is entitled “Posting Effective Content That Engages, Provides Value, and Shares Practice Culture”.

Yesterday we received a call from the ADA announcing the book’s release! We want to share that news with you—our valued clients and friends. Our copy is on its way here to our office. We’re looking forward to reading it.

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Here’s A Short Excerpt

Here’s a short excerpt from the chapter we wrote:

Team Members’ Passions

Do you ever watch The Biography Channel on television? Ever noticed how it doesn’t seem to matter who is featured, the biography is interesting and draws you in. That’s because everyone has a story. Human beings like stories about other human beings. I guess it’s part of our DNA.

Every team member in your practice has hobbies, interests, stories, struggles, passions, and quirks. I’ll say it again… People like doing business with people they know. Patients and prospective patients get to know you when you open up to them and share your passions.

Of course, you’ll never want to pressure team members into sharing things that they’re not comfortable sharing. But running into this problem will be rare. In fact, we all enjoy talking about our favorite person—me! Asking team members to share their stories not only provides great social media content but it also strengthens your relationship with team members.

Some Great Tactics & Examples Also Included

The chapter we wrote includes some great examples from our client practices:

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Special thanks to Dr. Constantin Farah, Hopedale Dental Care, Dr. Tim Simpson, Stadium Dental Center, and Dr. Janis Moriarty!

Chapters By Other Dental Marketing Thought Leaders

There are a number of other dental marketing thought leaders who have contributed to the book. We admire and respect each of them and we’re confident that their contributions will benefit your practice as well.

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Order Your Copy, And Pass The Word Along

ADA Practical Guide To Internet Marketing 3Pass the word along about The ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing! This will be helpful, useful read for your practice and for your colleagues.

After you order your book and spend some time with it, let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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