Take Control of Your Dental Practice’s Digital Footprint, Or Others Will (feat. Dr. Annelise Driscoll)

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We’ve got another installment of Dental Digital Marketing Discussions, bringing you insight from the best and brightest minds in the dental industry! Today’s discussion features Dr. Annelise Driscoll, director of the executive practice management program for dentists at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. With her deep knowledge of both the medical and business aspects of running a dental practice, Dr. Driscoll coaches dental professionals to not just be clinicians, but effective managers and entrepreneurs.

The rise of search engines and social media has fundamentally changed how people research local businesses, and how those businesses market to potential clients. Now, the vast majority of four generations of people rely on online resources to inform their purchasing decisions — from baby boomers to young “centennials” who have never known a life offline.

And they’re not just browsing — they’re actively contributing to the positive or negative buzz around local businesses through reviews, tags and social media posts. Dentists especially need to take note: whether or not you’re present to help steer the conversation, your patients and prospective patients are creating your practice’s digital footprint for you.

Listen as Jack and Dr. Driscoll discuss what you can do to encourage patients, fans and team members to participate in ways that strengthen your practice’s digital footprint, such as:

  • How to more effectively reach the different age groups of your audience
  • Providing the different types of information about your practice that prospective patients are looking for, and where to post it
  • Infusing your online presence with a sense of fun that speaks to everyone

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