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These Practices “Floss Danced” Their Way to Better Dental Marketing

By June 7, 2018 January 28th, 2021 No Comments

You may have recently seen the “Floss Dance” giveaway we held, helping practices get in on the latest dance craze! We invited dental teams to show us their moves for a chance to win a prize — but they also discovered how sharing fun practice videos attracts new patients!

Have you seen the “Floss Dance,” the latest dance sensation sweeping the internet? My Social Practice put out the call for dental teams to attempt the dance, and you all responded with some great clips! Check out some of our favorites in this Facebook highlight video:

Beyond just having a chance to win a prize, we also wanted participants to discover the branding and dental marketing power of sharing videos that showcase your practice culture. We looked at entry videos that practices had posted on their own pages, and found that they were not only helping to build relationships, but increase positive word-of-mouth as well!


Check out how Floss Dance videos helped these practices make dental marketing fun and turn patients into advocates:

The team at Fruge Orthodontics racked up a ton of likes and shares on their video, increasing visibility for their practice!

Happy Smiles Meridian’s video got a lot of patient and fan interaction, increasing the likelihood that their friends will see it as well.

On Mississippi Smiles’ video, patients commented with how much they loved the doctor, strengthening their relationship with the practice!

Verde Dental Care showed off their fun practice culture and got great patient interaction!

Oak Valley Dental gave their patients and fans something to smile about, gaining positive top-of-mind awareness.

Having fun together with your team and sharing videos with fans is a simple secret of dental marketing success. As you show that your team strives to build personal, lifelong healthcare relationships, your patients will be more likely to introduce you to family and friends — helping you grow your audience and your business.

If you’re having fun creating and sharing content for your dental marketing, you can bet your fans are also having fun following and interacting with you on social media! The growth difference between dental teams enthusiastically participating in social media together and those who aren’t is like night and day.

Involve your whole team, especially those who think they’re “too old for this.” Get creative. Don’t be afraid to show your lighthearted side. Our star clients strike a balance between fun and professional posts that showcases their team culture, builds unity, and invites potential patients to become a part of their practice family.

The Easy Way to Involve Your Entire Team in Dental Marketing

It’s called “social” media for a reason. If you’re in charge of your practice’s social media, don’t try to come up with all your content alone! Participation from your entire team makes it easy to create a variety of great posts.

Each member of your team has something unique to offer (like dance moves!), and will connect authentically with different groups in your audience and patient base. Through social media, your team members can continue to strengthen the relationships that start in your practice. And as you build relationships, patients will be more likely to become advocates for your practice by referring friends and family.

My Social Practice makes creating valuable dental marketing content like this easy! Clients receive daily emails with engagement ideas, graphics and other resources to make your practice’s social media efforts a snap. Learn more and get a free demo today!

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