How To Build Trust Online And Create Loyal Patients

March 31, 2022 • 7 PM EST

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Webinar Description

According to a 2020 Gallup Trust in Honesty and Ethics poll, only 61% of Americans say that dentists’ honesty and ethical standards are high. No wonder people have such a hard time finding and choosing a dentist! In this webinar, Blake Hadley, President of My Social Practice, and Jared Parente, CEO at Dental Warranty will discuss strategies you can implement to build trust, peace-of-mind, and loyalty online and in your practice.


Blake Hadley,
President of My Social Practice

Blake has won a number of national and international awards in art direction, advertising, and creative marketing strategy. He’s passionate about helping dental practices use out-of-the-box thinking to create stories that spread online. Over the past 12 years at My Social Practice, he has spoken to dental audiences all over the country and has helped thousands of practices succeed with digital marketing. His presentations are always entertaining and thought-provoking, while explaining the very latest trends and technologies in digital marketing. He refuses to let the dental industry fall-behind!

Jared Parente,
CEO of Dental Warranty

Jared is the CEO of Dental Warranty Corp and has committed the vast majority of a highly-entrepreneurial career to growth opportunities in healthcare. His work has helped to generate results through a focus on better patient experiences delivered through unique and disruptive concepts. Dental Warranty offers nationwide, life-proof protection for restorative dentistry and appliances. It offers a unique practice growth opportunity with typical practices seeing an acceptance rate between 40% and 80%.

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